Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The actual start

The main concept of TEDx is exchanging ideas, and spread the ones worth spreading. Second meeting was all about brain storming, huge steps were taken at that day, major choices were made, the real work has just started.

Many more people attended this meeting, the presence of Eng.Ibrahim Mursal & Eng.Mujtaba was really effective and intimidating! after a short review of each team's job people were divided into the six teams:

Speakers team:
  1. Rawan Aldaw
  2. Wadah Omer
  3. Waleed
  4. Alaa' Eldeen Mohamed
Registration team:
  1. Fatma Alsied
  2. Mussab Abdulbaqi
  3. Noha Hashim
  4. Qusai abdulsamad
  5. Khalid E.Osman
Media team:
  1. Mazin Satti
  2. Ilaf Algadi
  3. Ibrahim Mursal
Social media team:
  1.  Ahmed Jihad
  2. Mohammed Salah
Event managment:
  1.  Showki Omer
  2. Rafa Elnour
  3. Azza Ahmed
  4. Heba Saleh
  5. Hadeel Saeed

  1.  Tasneem Siddiq
  2. Mohammed Taifour
  3. Amro Elsadig
At some point many lost there interest, but the he rest of the meeting raised the excitement again, it was a tremendous brain storming, loud voices every one supporting in his idea, it's what all of this about it's the THEME! the choice was so hard, the ideas were so great that any one of them could make a great theme for this event. Finally, two themes were picked & left for voting to resolve it.
Actually I couldn't feel more proud to be among this great bunch of ambitious young men & women. I could almost see the bright future ahead of them.
It started to get late so girls were anxious, the meeting was concluded with new tasks, & crossed fingures for luck!

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