Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tough Talk


     Yahia Alamin raised a question that kept rining in every one's heads.. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?
people's answeres were short but varied, alot couldn't express what they had in mind.
but in general, they represented the main goal of TEDx events, spreading ideas.

Registration team:

     The prov. event registration form is ready, published but not yet shared on social networks.

Speakers team:

     No speakers has been nominated yet, no one filled the nomination form, but by 10/5 the team will deliver the final list of speakers, as Waleed said.

Event management:

     An initial schedule was prepared by the team, they were advised to review the rules of TEDx organizing to build up a better schedule.

Media team:

 They made a design of the brochure, which is a very nice one but misses final touches.
The logo that goes with theme is still under process, the creative adviser Roaa Majzoub gave them her point of view  about it.

Social media team:

     Twitter account has many tweets which is good but needs alittle bit more effort, Facebook page is very weak, the admin Mohammed Salah didn't attend the meeting but he was informed with his role.

    Many people missed this meeting, which meant that some thing was wrong. So Mr.Mohammed A. Abdulkareem complained about punctuality and commitment. Gave the organizers strict rules and advised them to learn more about TED and TEDx events.

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