Saturday, 4 May 2013

Registration team

Our registration team has started it's tasks very early, they prepared many forms of registration for the attendees according to the standards of TED.
After Many  Meetings, tens of Forms and alot of negotiations the team (and speakers team) has came up with two forms, one for nominations of speakers, and the other for registration to attend the event..

Nomination form:

Registration form:

Registration team members:

Qusai ..... (team leader):

Big boss led his team to finish there job before all the teams. Qusai in his own words:" Qusai Awadalla Osman AbdulSamad I'm
21 years old I'm a 4th level electronics (computer) engineering student I'm passionate about new technology and programming because it has the ability to make the world better place to live , I like new creative ,
innovative and great idea which can make a huge impact in our lives,those ideas are need to be implemented to make our country a great place .
my personal goal is to build a company which concern about electronics systems and new technologies in order to implement those ideas my self
I believe that tedx can bring those ideas in one place. I learned in tedx that No man or woman is an island. Humans are social beings who have the need to be able to interact
properly with other humans, This is why The Key to Any Successful origination is.............. TEAMWORK "

Mussab Taha (internal coordinator) :

Full name is : Mussab abdelbagi
abdelrahim taha , studying electronics engineering - industrial electronics engineering .
Department - 4th year ( semester 8 ) -22 years old.
My passion is to know everything about electronics and their mechanism so as to start developing and inventing new technologies and devices that will make the life on the planet easier .
My goal is to be a professional engineer in my field and a consultant in a plenty of well - known corporations around the world , a well - reputed researcher , a creative entrepreneur that contribute the community movement directly , meanwhile start my own business and make a fortune so I can help the Sudanese people .
About TEDxSUST : I really gained a lot of soft skills , I felt free to speak up my mind and thoughts ,and I been more familiar with team work ,

Nuha Hashim Altahir:

studying Electonics Engineering - 4th year , specializing in Communications
"I am a very ambitious person generally so I have soo many goal that I work soo hard for, but work wise I want to be an
Educator,I want to teach people and spread knowledge and make it respected and worthy , and I want to empower women to aim high and to believe in their abilities to accomplish whatever they set their mind into, I want to change the way women see themselves in the Sudanese community.
TEDx has been a very wonderful add to my life, getting behind the scene and being a part of making such a huge thing assured me that what I want to do in my life is possible and worthy. "

Mohammed Hayder:

(General advisor)
Mohammed Hayder Mustafa
Hamad.. Studying Electronics -"computer" 4th year..
My passion is to see my country the best in everything ...i want to help people here to have a better life in every single way for my personal goal i want to be a successful
person in practical world well as productive & active in my community.
ABOUT TEDx : I learned so many
things people can unite in order to bring something inspirational to the
nation...& how huge impacts come from just a small idea...i learned that "IDEAS REALLY WORTH SPREADING " no matter
how old you are , what is your educational level ,Gender ...etc.
ABOUT MYSELF : i would like as i said see my country a Bacon in the world ...something to be proud of ...not just fantasies about what we want from our country to be...i don't need to be a politician to make an impact in this world ....& someday "inshala" i will make the CHANGE to the BEST .

Khalid Esam :

Khalid Esam Nureldin Osman, study: Industrial Electronics Engineering at 4th year
my goal is to be a successful engineer and to work for one of the
biggest companies whether in Sudan or outside & to be able to inspire ppl like they inspired me also to pay the favor for the ones whom helped me being what I am...
However, I joined TEDx cuz it was an inspiration for most of people.. TEDx helped me and developed my teamwork expertise plus its fun to work with people who share same passion, excitement and ideas !!

Fatima Elsayed:

Fatima Alsyid Mohammed Khair. ( Teina)
studying Biomedical Engineering
my goal for sure is to success in my life .. and I mean allllll parts of it !
joining TEDx was one of the greatest achievements that have occurred by chance in my life.
TEDx helped me to improve my confidence, skills in helping people,, also made me meet a lot of very ambitious people
I wish I could help each person to achieve his giant ambition ...And I think this is my ambition . Seeing everyone happy is more pleasure and brings me closer to get hold of my goals..


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