Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Liceance Holder

Yahia M.Elamin
 Electronics Engineering/Computer Engineering & Network 4th Year

Goal & Passion :

 my goal is to change the world .... to put a Ding on the Universe by making a Technology break through and making a community change..

about the theme :

many people enter collages or make studies or even work on something they don't like something they do just to earn money and at the same time they are passionate about something else but the just don't believe that it is the thing they were born to do or the can make great things by it ... so life goes forward then they find their passion and what they are good at ... then they realize that its all what the want to do and what they can do best ... this is following you passion .. what we want to do is to help those who didn't find it yet or afraid of following their passion by motivating and encouraging them to do it and go forward .... i always believe that a man does best when he is doing what he loves .. "what he loves" is the definition of passion

experience with TEDx :

1st i was a speaker on TEDxKhartoum 2012 "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC_QKp0ryc4" and then i found that TEDx changed my life so i desided to help improving other people's life so i became a volunteer at TEDxYouth@Kharoum 2012 on the Speakers preparation Team then a volunteer at TEDxKhartoum 2013 on the Media and Graphical Design Team while being the License of TEDxSUST .

what i got from TEDx :

 form TEDx i meet all the great mind local and global and one of the is the executive director of Linux "John Hall" and R who won Ruganzu Bruno TED prize and many others and the Most important thing i got from TEDx is the great and huge knowledge and experience in all aspects of life such as
-Communication skills
-Talks and presentation preparation Skills
-Team working
-Working under pressure
-Team Management Skills

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