Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Media Team

Our amaizing media team has prooved that "follow your passion" isn't just a catchy logo that we all say.. it can actually be a life style, the way you do every thing..
At first media team had only two members, but day by day they increased to a respected team of four creative designers..


  1. Team leader: Mazin Majdi:

    Mazin is a 19 years old student. he studies architectures at third grade.. passionate about internal design and photography..
    Mazin is a very active young man, he is the heart of the team.. he is motivated in away that encouraged every volunteer to push him/her self to there limits..
      beside his talent in graphics and design he plays guitar..

  2. Elaf Algadi:    fuaclty of architicture _ second year, passion : drawing & photography.. Elaf talking about the theme: "i still remember the first time i heard this theme while we were in a meeting trying to figure out what theme should we pick for our very first TEDx event ..
    i really didn't think that it was such a good idea for a theme.. i went back home thinking that everyone who voted for this theme are wrong , i laid down on my bed..closed my eyes and started thinking...
    after thinking for a while it just hit me like this !
    Passion is actully the only reason that can make you work so hard in order to acomplish or complete something they really love and want to do.. Passion is the thing that makes you stand up on your feet and try what you've failed at again.. but most of all..
    Passion , is the one thing that gives you a chance to be a Hero and a rollmodel in the thing you love to do..

  3. Rabie Alfatih:department of electronic engineering, third year..
    Rabie is a confident person with clear vision of the future and patient under pressure, he has prooved him self as an artist beside being a good student..
    If u asked about a word to describe Rabie I'd say "calm", he finishes his tasks in absolute scielence, without any delay..

  4. Ahmed Mohamed Osman:department of electronic engineering, fourth year..
    Mohammed started his journey with TEDx as an attendee last year, he really admired the concept of sharing ideas and the enviroment that opens great possibilities for young generation specificly..
    "We were born in this life to work hard to accomplish our dreams, and to help others to follow the same road.. I'v always been wishing for a society like TEDxers society, were u can work with talented people and feel welcomed and respected among them" says Mohammed..
    Mohamed dreams to be a great graphic designer and writer, he aims to publish books in a short time..

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