Monday, 24 June 2013

Speakers Team

The speakers team.. Real heroes of this event.. the main team who worked very hard to pick the speakers and prepare them.. hours oh rehearsals.. not much sleep and rest.. but they did a great job..

Team leader: Rawan Aldaw Ali:

active student in third year electronic engineering.. every one who knows Rawan knows that she hates to talk about her self, she is a "doer" not a talker..
Rawan has a passion for astronomy and space.. she is a very ambitious young lady..
Under her lead.. the team achieved it's goal.. great expressive speakers..
Speakers loved working with Rawan.. they all agreed that she did her best to bring the best of them..

Waleed Wadessa:

 third year electronic engineering.. passionate about writing.. " I think writing is a great gift that God gave us to deliver messages we want to people.. writing is an effective way in changing the world..
when I attend TEDx events.. I get a chill when I see how organizer works so hard for it! I always wonder how they fell and why are they paying there effort and time in this! so I had to be a part of TEDx SUST to know the answer.." says waleed..
Now I know how it feels to work for your community.. to bring the best out of your university students! "Follow Your Passion" means be your self and do what you love to do.. not what your parents.. colleagues or any one else love.."

Alaa Aldeen Mohamed:

third year electronic engineering, spreading smiles in every face is what Alaa is trying to do in his life and where ever he goes.."smiles are the only thing worth eorking for.. it's the best reward I exoect from others.." says Alaa..
He studies electronic and majoring in communications to make the world as small as it could be.. Alaa hopes that TEDx SUST takes the lead of all independently organized TED event around the world..

Wadah Omer:

fourth year aviation engineering.. interested  in music, photography and reading different books..
Wadah has clear plans of future, believes that reading creats a better person which leads to a better world.. he takes aviation engineering very seriously and studies hard to be the best in it..

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